"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence"


I firmly believe that the antidote to the regidity and pressure of adulting...is to Play - oftten!

Creative & expressive modalities are scientifically shown to tap into aspects that escape the parts of our minds designed to
rationalize/qualify the world around us.

Utilizing creative and integrative practices is yet another way to access the innate wisdom that lives in each of us.

Don't worry, there is no way to do this "wrong".
Join me and let's move, create, and connect!

I began my journey into teaching yoga in 2015. I wa sone of those people who hated going to studio classes. People were often adjusting me, pushing down on my backside...which wasn't going to go down due to the shape of my thighs - and often instructors who wouldn't even support me in the ways I needed, almost writing me off at first signt.

Like most things I do, it came into my consciousness that I should become a teacher - at least the teacher I never had. Not because I wanted to be in anyone's studio; moreso because I was not going to deepen my practice and commitment to yoga in the studios or home trainings I had access to.

I called every studio in Maryland that was accepting students into their program with one question "do you all accommodate bigger bodies?". Much to my despair, the answers were...lackluster at best. Through their screening conversations, many implied that a bigger body equated to not having experience with yoga - most suggesting I should take classes for at least two years...rarely asking me about my practice, they'd just assumed I was a newbie.

Transforming despair into resolution, I traveled from my job in Maryland to a small studio in Deleware every week in service to finding a studio that allowed me to journey deeper into the practice of Hatha Yoga without the size of my body is the arbiter of my ability and potential.

Since then, I have had the privilege to train in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Thai Yoga, Yoga4Sobriety, Kundilini and am a Curvy Yoga Instructor.

I enjoy sharing the accessibility of yoga with others through 1:1 Private Sessions in addition to teaching at a local Yoga Studio for their YTT (yoga teacher training) to support all bodies and abilities.

I offer 1:1 and group yoga and virtual meditation sessions. The yoga sequences are beginner-friendly, accessible to different body shapes, and designed to support alignment facilitate connection within the mind and body.

May your life have much light, movement & joy!