Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

August 30th, 2023 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Oct.4th, 2023 to Nov. 22nd, 2023; 7p - 9:30p

Fee: $100 / hour

If you are an agency looking for an independent supervisor for your employees, let me know at info@yourheartsdesiretw.com

Supervision and Consultation

Supervision within the field of therapy is an invitation to dive deeper into not only learning the clinical tools to also develop your "professional, therapeutic voice".

It has been my honor to have guided many supervisees towards Advanced Clinical Licensure in ways where they have felt ready and competent to sit for their licensing exam, work with complex clients - even folks who consider launching their own practices!

The folks I work with bring their own perspectives while also gleaning from the depth of my professional perspective, knowledge, and expertise.

I am an excellent supervisor for those who are eager to learn, are able to receive feedback, understand Socratic questioning as a learning tool, and folks who have adequately dealt with their own emotional regulation to be clinically challenged. You will grow to a space to be comfortable and prepared for your Independent Licensure!

I am not a good supervisor for those simply looking to 'collect hours', people who may feel they "know it all" already, folks not available to be questioned, and who do not act on imminent directives (e.g.: duty to warn, self-harm, administrative tasks) - supervision with me would not be a valuable use of your time.