Couples & Sex Therapy

"Where I place the responsibility of my experience is the most powerful opening to transformation."

-Dan Tocchini

If I'm honest, I have a gift for inviting people to see more fully into their blind spots, hear more of what is not being said,
and feel in ways that foster love over self-protection.

The work I do with individuals and couples is intentional and requires us to be honest (with each other - but first, with ourselves)
in order to create the life, relationship, and sense of security you've been craving!

Intimacy & Sex Therapy

One of my favorite phrases (from Cuddlist) is "we live in a society that is sex-obsessed, but touch deprived".

In my work with individuals and couples, it is SO important that I support not only the needs around physical intimacy, but what it means to the relationship, to your identities, your values, and your concept of pleasure.

In that regard, my work is layered and from your initial assessment (typically one to two sessions), I can determine how much of our work is skills-based and how much is process-based (e.g.: what needs to shift in how we think, feel, conceptualize the issue) for you / you all.

I am here to offer expertise from a lens that is integrative, client-centered, non-judgmental, and (depending on the client) works to deconstruct ideologies that do not allow you to fully embrace your desires - think people pleaser, 'domineering', feeling if you don't...then everything will fall apart.

woman in white and woman in plaid shirt kissing
woman in white and woman in plaid shirt kissing

If you desire a more connective and enhanced sex life?
Are you feeling significantly disconnected from your partner?
Do you all 'talk a lot' but still miss what the other is saying? Or do you rarely feel understood?
Are you currently recognizing there are sexual desires that you'd like to explore, and are nervous to do so?

In support of you getting your connection & intimacy needs met, I have experience and expertise treating...

  • Ineffective and provocative communication

  • Infidelity Repair

  • Poor Boundaries (respecting others or establishing)

  • Consistent fighting (also known as 'high-conflict couples)

  • Partnering with an HSP or Empath

  • Difficulty exploring and creating agreements around opening relationships, polyamory, ENM, and CNM

  • Concerns where your identity as LGBTQIA+ is the primary concern

  • Trouble understanding or concretizing values and needs within relationships and life

  • Desire for Relationship Enhancement

  • Unsure if we need to Divorce or Stay Together (Discernment Counseling)

  • Uncertainty of what to do in Complex Relationships (e.g.: mental illness, substance abuse, estrangement, narcissism, troublesome family and/or work dynamics)

  • Pre-Marital Counseling (Prepare/Enrich or Gottman Method)

  • *New* - New relationship counseling - for those wanting to deepen the relationship but realize the tools you've inherited/were taught are not sufficient today


  • The need for safe(r) communication around sex and intimacy

  • Poor body image and sexuality

  • Reconnecting after significant body changes (for Bariatric/Medical weight loss individuals)

  • Desire Discrepancy (one partner wants more/less)

  • Concerns with libido

  • PE/ED and changes in sexuality after medical or significant life changes

  • Articulating sexual needs and the parameters around them

  • Exploring sexual values and skills after leaving Purity Culture

  • Enhancing sexual skills / exploring more opportunities for sexual pleasure

  • The Integration of Spirituality and Sexuality

  • Difficulty exploring gender, desire, and sexuality

  • Exploring and Creating agreements around opening relationships, polyamory, ENM, and CNM

  • OCSB (out of control sexual behavior) - some people will identify with the term 'sex addiction

  • Hesitation around exploring sexual identities including kink, D/s, and other forms of 'alternative' forms of relationships or scenes


**These services are offered to individuals, couples, single, partnered, or married individuals. I can navigate most issues (as it becomes a matter of personal responsibility and awareness) and feel comfortable either offering couples sessions or referring out if this is not a dynamic that can be resolved if only one person is present.

Relationship Blocks

Intimacy Blocks

two person wearing denim pants on grass field
two person wearing denim pants on grass field

Couples Therapy

Beginning of Your Relationship
(Prepare/Enrich & Pre-Marital Counseling)

Adjusting to the 'Bumps'

Tending to High Conflict

'Stay or Leave" - Discernment Counseling

I'm new to sex and couples therapy...what does this type of therapy look like?

Sessions consist of 55-minute (the possibility of 75 to 90-minute sessions are available), sessions that help you work through your concerns.

I participate with a healthy degree of active listening while also acting as an intermediary, when beneficial, in order to interrupt dysfunctional patterns and use these as teachable moments to build skills, process present emotions, and to gain clarity on how to tend to unmet needs.

1. First, I make the expectations of therapy clear both with the pre-intake paperwork and verbally at your first appointment or the Getting to Know You session, if you've booked that service.

2. I listen to your story in order to assess the emotional injuries and how they present as obstacles.

3. We will identify what are the most pressing and accessible issues that are creating distress.

5. Depending on your capacity, we will identify the path forward to support you in getting to your desired outcomes.

6. With the work done both in and out of our sessions, you will start making progress towards the life you desire.